Electronic Request Guide

An electronic request is the method used by a Telecom Coordinator to enter a work order or trouble ticket into the database used by the Telecom Admin department to process, track, and record the billing (if any) associated with that specific request.

Guide to billing

Service request guides:

Change service request

Move service request

New service request

Disconnect service request

Create incident (trouble ticket)

Guide to services section

Listing of Electronic Requests (alphabetically)
  Type of Request   Web Request Choice
  Add an Appearance of a line
  Change service
  Assessments   Change service
  Calling capability
  Change service
  Cellular, modify service (name, plan, or org change)
  Change service
  Cellular, new service
  Add subscriber and service
  Conference bridge
  Change (voice) service
  Conference bridge, VITA
  Complete VITA conference bridge form
  Dial tone, problems   Report incident
  Disconnect   Disconnect service
  Display name   Change service
  Downgrade   Change service
  Enhanced voice mail   Change service
(Please provide customers' e-mail address)
  Fax, new service   Add subscriber and service
  Feature change   Change service
  Fund/org change*
  Change service (also needs OSP approval if fund is involved)
IF org change involves two Telecom Coordinators, please complete the Telecom Coordinator Request form

Group pickup
  Change service*
  Intercom   Change service
  International calling
  Change service
  Local calling
  Change service
  Location, make corrections
  Move service (to updated programming and billing database)
  Location, add if no details exist
  Add location to service
  Long distance
  Change service
  Modem, new service
  Add subscriber and service
  Move service
  Name display
  Change service
  New phone line
  Add subscriber and service
  Org/fund change
  Change service
  Pickup group
  Change service
  Change service
  Voice mail
  Change service