Network Assessments

Whenever a department is planning to move a jack, install a new jack, or is obtaining cable TV service, an assessment of the area of service must be conducted by an ITS network engineer. Please refer to University Policy 1303 (Spaces and Cabling) for information governing requests for cabling services. The following steps will assist in initiating the service required:

  1. The department must complete a jack assessment request.  This needs to be done first, prior to any installation or move request(s).
  2. A network engineer will contact the department to arrange for the assessment.
  3. Upon completion of the assessment, the network engineer will advise the customer of the next steps needed to initiate the services of one of the University's contractors for network cabling.
  4. The detailed steps needed to enlist the services of the contractor are listed below. The hourly rate for the contractor is $60/hour.