About Telecom Coordinators

A Telecommunications Coordinator is selected by their department to be primary contact for Telecommunications Administration. They are authorized by their department to submit various service request forms committing department funds to compensate ITS for services. A Telecom Coordinator:

  • Submits electronic requests to Telecommunications Administration for voice, voicemail, mobile equipment, and GMU conference bridge.
  • Submits forms to Telecommunications Administration.
  • Submits request to eVa for vendors to install jack(s) and to order headsets.
  • Coordinates install dates and new telephone numbers with end users.
  • Is responsible for submitting correct information on the requests, to include proper org number to charge, building and room numbers, telephone and jack numbers, and phone types for upgrade requests.
  • Reviews telecommunications billing with the department head and contacts the Telecommunications Billing Administrator regarding any concerns or questions.
  • Submits requests for voice mail and call processing to the Mason Mail Administrator. Responsible for submitting name and telephone number for voice mail requests and written scripts for call processing applications.