Student Voice Mail

All students who wish to have voice mail need to fill out a voice mail request form.

For additional assistance, please contact the Mason Mail Administrator.

Voice Mail Features

Call Sender:
This feature allows you to be connected to the extension that sent you a message by quickly pressing 8 8 after the message is played.

Skip a Greeting:
During the playing of the greeting, press #. This will send you directly to the tone to leave a message. To skip a message, press #.

Fast Forward:
During the playing of the message, press 3 to fast forward 10 seconds. To fast forward to the end of a message, press 3 3.

During the playing of the message, press 1 to rewind 10 seconds. To rewind to the beginning of a message, press 1 1.

Enables you to send a copy of a message into another mailbox:

  1. At the end of the message that you want to forward, press 6
  2. Enter the 7 digit mailbox number where you want to send the message
    • mailbox numbers for single rooms are the 7-digit telephone number
    • mailbox numbers for double or quad rooms are 107xxxx, 207xxxx, or 307xxxx, where 7xxxx is the extension number
  3. Press #

Mailbox Message Capacity:
Maximum greeting length: 1:30 minutes
Maximum message length: 5:00 minutes
New messages kept: 30 days
Saved messages kept: 30 days
Outcalling: Not Allowed

Voice Mail Problems

Delayed Messages:
If you share a room, the message indicator (stutter tone) will never come on. Therefore, if you share a room you should ALWAYS check your voice mail for messages, EVEN if there is no stutter tone.

Busy Signals:
Occasionally students will encounter busy signals when trying to access voice mail. This typically happens at the beginning of each semester and during exam time when student usage is at its peak. Also, in the afternoon between the hours of 2 pm and 5 pm student usage is usually high. Please be patient and try dialing into voice mail again if a busy signal is encountered.

Security Code Problems:
If you are new to the voice mail system and need to set up or initialize your mailbox, you can click on either one of the following: 

Or contact the ITS Support Center at extension 3-8870 or

Message Indicators (the stutter tone):
Message indicators will NEVER come on for shared mailboxes.