Student Voice Mail — Single Room Setup

Your telephone extension will roll to voice mail after 5 rings. When someone leaves you a message, your phone will have a "stutter" tone when you pick up the handset. See below for voice mail access instructions.

Your personal mailbox number will be your 7-digit telephone number, i.e., 387xxxx.

Step 1: Prepare a security code (it must be at least 4-digits long and no more than 15).

Step 2: Call the voice mail system by dialing extension 3-4500 on-campus or 703-993-4500 from off-campus.

Step 3: When the line connects and the system answers, press the * # keys (ignore the system prompt asking for a password). Pressing the * # keys let voice mail know you have a mailbox on the system.

Step 4: Enter your personal mailbox number (same as your 7-digit telephone number).

Step 5: Enter 436743 as your initial security code.

Step 6: The system will then prompt you to change your security code, record your name (please speak clearly and say both your first and last name), and record a standard greeting that your callers will hear. Then, you will hear a short tutorial.

Quick Voice Mail Access From Resident's Dorm Extension
  • Dial extension 3-4500 (on-campus) or 703-993-4500 (off-campus). 
  • When the line connects to the system, if you are calling from your dormitory extension, you may enter your security code (created in step 1 above). If you are calling from another extension or from off-campus, you must press * # (to let voice mail know you have a mailbox on the system).
  • Enter your mailbox number (your 7-digit telephone number).
  • Then, you will enter your security code.