Student Voice Mail — Double or Quad Room Setup

Your telephone extension will roll to voice mail after 5 rings. When someone leaves you a message, your phone will have a "stutter" tone when you pick up the handset. See steps below for voice mail access instructions.

Your 5-digit Extension: 7-xxxx

You must decide with your roommate(s) which personal mailbox number you will use.

  Personal mailbox numbers:
(associated with 5-digit extension)
  107xxxx   initial password= 107xxxx  
    207xxxx   initial password= 207xxxx  
    307xxxx   initial password= 307xxxx

Personal mailbox numbers: 107xxxx initial password = 107xxxx (associated with 5-digit extension) 207xxxx initial password = 207xxxx 307xxxx initial password = 307xxxx

Step 1: Prepare a security code (it must be at least 4-digits long and no more than 15).

Step 2: Call the voice mail system by dialing extension 3-4500 on-campus or 703-993-4500 from off-campus.

Step 3: When the line connects and the system answers, press the * # keys (ignore the system prompt asking for a security code). Pressing * # lets voice mail know you have a mailbox on the system.

Step 4: Enter your personal mailbox number (see above).

Step 5: Enter 436743 as your initial security code.

Step 6: The system will then prompt you to change your security code, record your name (please speak clearly and say both your first and last name, as this is what the system will use for the menu greeting on your 5-digit extension), and record a standard greeting.