Student Troubleshooting Tips

The following are basic troubleshooting tips. If you are unable to correct your problem please contact the ITS Support Center.

No Dial Tone (NDT)

Verify phone set is plugged in to the correct jack. Check ALL cords (handset to phone and phone to jack).     

Not Receiving Calls

Phone set may have been forwarded. If you hear broken dial tone when you lift your receiver, your phone has been forwarded. To cancel forward, lift the handset and dial *03.

Message Indicator (Stutter Tone) Not Working

If you share an extension it is possible that your roommate checked for his/her messages. As soon as either of you has retrieved your messages, the stutter tone will go away. It is always a good idea to check for messages if you have been away from your room.

I Have Stutter Tone to Indicate There are Messages, but When I Check, I Have None

It is possible that you have no messages, but your roommate does.

Unable to Transfer Calls

Verify transfer is being used correctly.

Unable to Place a Call

You can only place on-campus and local calls from your phone. To place an extended area, domestic and international calls require you to use a calling card.

Unable to Dial "0" for an Outside Operator

Dialing "0" from on-campus will give you the Mason switchboard.