Telephone Features / Instructions

(* = asterisk on keypad)


  • Depress switch hook, dial *12.
  • Caller is now placed on hold.
  • To return to caller, hang up receiver.
  • You will be connected to held call when you answer.
Cancel Hold
  • Hang Up.
  • The phone will ring.
  • You will be connected to the held call.
(You can only transfer calls to an on-campus extension.)
  • Depress switch hook.
  • Listen for Recall Dial Tone.
  • Dial 5-digit extension, wait for an answer.
  • Announce caller, then hang up.
Call Forwarding
(You can only forward your phone to an on-campus extension, such as voice mail.)
  • Lift handset.
  • Dial *02 and 5-digit extension of where your calls will be sent.
Cancel Call Forwarding
  • Lift handset and dial *03.
Six-Way Conference (See Note)
  • Dial the first party. Inform them you want to place them in a conference call.
  • Depress switch hook. First party is automatically placed on hold.
  • Hear dial tone and dial second party. Inform them you want to place them in a conference call.
  • Depress switch hook again. All parties are now joined in conference.
  • To add additional parties repeat from "Depress switch hook" to place parties on hold.
  • You must use your personal calling card for any long distance or extended area numbers.
Call Waiting
  • When you hear the Call Waiting tone, depress the switch hook.
  • You will be connected to the second caller.
  • To toggle between two callers, depress the switch hook.
To Disable Call Waiting
  • Lift handset and dial *14.
  • Modem users must disable call waiting before dialing to a computer service.
To Enable Call Waiting
  • Lift handset and dial *18.
  • Call Waiting will remain enabled as long as *14 has not been invoked.
System Tones
  • Dial Tone: Continuous, steady tone.
  • Recall Dial Tone: Three short tones followed by a steady tone.
  • Message Waiting Tone: Stutter dial tone.
  • Call Forwarding Alert Tone: Interrupted dial tone.

NOTE: If you hear a busy signal during an on-campus call, depress the switch hook once and return to the held call. If outside the campus system, depress the switch hook twice. If no answer, depress the switch hook twice to be reconnected to your original call.