Voice Mail

General Information

During November, 2014, Mason switched to the CallPilot voice mail system. CallPilotis an Avaya product, and designed to work with the university’s Nortel/Avaya telephones. This switch allows Mason faculty and staff to have a much better user experience, enabling many of the soft key features (the gray buttons) on the user’s office phone while still allowing off-campus access as well.

CallPilot voice mail is a technologically advanced system, which is able to interoperate with Mason’s call processing center — used by more than 17 departments at Mason (including the ITS Support Center, admissions, the registrar and student accounts) to manage their menus and call applications. The old voice mail system was not able to do this, and the cost of upgrading the old system was exorbitant.

Your mailbox number will be your 5-digit extension (unless you share a line).  However, you will need to set up your mailbox by changing the password and recording your name. Please click on the appropriate link below for initial setup instructions.

Special Features

The CallPilot voice mail system has several special features that you may like to make use of, including:

  • Express Messaging
    This feature allows you to send a message directly into a mailbox WITHOUT ringing the phone. To use express messaging:
    1. Dial 37901, you will hear,“CallPilot, mailbox?"
    2. Dial the 5-digit mailbox where you'd like to leave a message, followed by #

  • Find Me Feature
    The Find Me feature reduces the chance of missing important calls. With this feature, you can program up to 5 external phone numbers (such as your cell number, your home phone, another office extension, etc.), so that if a user reaches your voice mail, instead of leaving a message they can choose to "find you" and the call will ring through to these other numbers.  Note: this is a premium service and an additional fee will be charged for the use of this service.

  • Voice mail to email
    The voice mail to email feature sends an email to you with a WAV attachment anytime you receive a voice mail message. This allows you to access and play your voice mail message from your mobile device without having to call into the telephone voice mail system. This feature is available on the new Call Pilot voice mail system for a one-time charge of $65.00.  This charge applies to new users ONLY.  Those users who had this feature in use on the previous voice mail system (CallXpress) are “grandfathered” and will NOT incur this charge. Note: Enhanced Voice Mail (EVM) is a premium service and an additional monthly recurring fee will be charged for the use of this service.

    EVM/SMS set up instructions for voice mail to email feature

    1. Dial 3-7900 (or press Message key)
    2. Enter your five (5) digit extension (3-xxxx)
    3. Press #
    4. Enter your password
    5. Press #
    6. Press eight (8) for Mailbox Commands
    7. Press five (5) for CallPilot Rules
    8. Press one (1) for Message Forwarding Rule Service
    9. Press one (1) to enable it

Keypad Prompts
Message Commands
  Reply   press 7 then 1
  Who/When Message Sent
  press 7 then 2
  Forward Message
  press 7 then 3
  Delete Message
  press 7 then 6
  Send Composed Message
  press 7 then 9
  Tag (1-urgent, 2-private)
  press 7 then 0
  Message Help
  press 7 then *


Commands When Playing Messages
  Rewind 5 Seconds   press 1
  Play Message
  press 2
  Fast Forward 5 Seconds
  press 3
  Go to Previous Message
  press 4
  Go to Next Message
  press 6
  Dial the Sender of the Current Message
  press 9
  Dial a Campus Number & Exit Playback
  press 0


Mailbox Commands
  Log In to Another Mailbox   press 8 then 1
  Greeting Change   press 8 then 2
  Log Off
  press 8 then 3
  Password Change
  press 8 then 4
  Distribution List   press 8 then 5
  Go to a Specific Message   press 8 then 6
  Mailbox Help   press 8 then *


Greeting Commands
  External Greeting   press 8 then 2 then 1
  Internal Greeting   press 8 then 2 then 2
  Temporary Greeting (Out of Office)
  press 8 then 2 then 3


Help and General Commands
  Help for Sending / Replying   press 7 then *
  Help for Greetings / Passwords   press 8 then *
  Cancel a Partly Entered Command
  press #
  To Record a Message
  press 5
  To Stop Recording   press #
  To Cancel a Mailbox   press 0 then #



Telecom Coordinator “Train the Trainer” training took place during the last two weeks of October 2014.  View the video-based telephone and CallPilot voice mail trainings.

Contact Us

For more information on the CallPilot voice mail system, its features, keypad prompts, information on EVM (Enhanced Voice Mail), or anything else regarding voice mail, please contact your department's Telecom Coordinator or Telecom Admin at x3-3546.