Enabling Telework

Telework is a work option where an employee of George Mason University works at an approved alternative work site for an agreed period of time with the remainder of the work time spent at the university work site.

  1. Getting Started:
    This is the general process you will go through to sign up for teleworking.
    • Score card
    • Application
    • Recommendation from supervisor
    • Trial period
    • Performance evaluation
    • Revisit
  2. What you need to know (Mason Policies):
  3. Enabling Telework:
    • Virtual private network (VPN) request:
      VPN (virtual private network) enables users to access on-campus computing resources from remote locations using a secure connection on top of any broadband internet connection. Users are required to have a broadband internet connection and depend on the computing resource (Mason assigned laptop or computer) to be accessed.
    • Soft phone:
      A VoIP (voice over internet protocol) software ("soft") phone enables users to connect to Mason's telephone system from remote locations using Microsoft Windows-based laptops. Users are required to have a broadband internet connection, telework VPN access, and a university-assigned laptop. The soft phone runs as a Windows application and performs just like an office phone with a Mason telephone extension. There are software, equipment, and monthly recurring costs for this service.
    • Unified communications:
      Unified messaging is an enhancement to the existing voice mail, allowing the user to receive voice mail and faxes at their desktop computer via email. Users will know who has left a message if the call comes from an on-campus extension without having to check the actual voice mail message. The Telecom Coordinator must submit an electronic request for the user to obtain unified messaging.