Conference Calls

Using the Virginia Information Technology Agency (VITA) in Richmond

This type of conference call is used when all participants call into the conference phone from their remote sites. This is known as a conference bridge. To become an authorized user, please complete the Request for VITA Conference Bridge form. Submit the signed form to Telecom Admin. Telecom Admin then submits the request electronically to VITA. Once the request is received by VITA and processed, the authorized user will be e-mailed information directly from VITA. The e-mail comes from "", and the subject is, "Welcome to VITA Audio and Data Conferencing". This information (owner name, owner number, toll free dial-in number, and leader and participant PINs) will be assigned to the authorized user for use whenever VITA's conference services need to be requested.

Conference Bridge (George Mason)

There are 32 ports available on this bridge, so this is the maximum number of participants allowed. This type of call allows participants to call into one assigned 993 number, with the designated chairperson calling into a separate 993 number. This is a self-service bridge, and directions for accessing the bridge, as well as the basic instructions for the use of the bridge, are e-mailed to the chairperson. Callers from other states or localities may incur long-distance charges, dependent on their calling plans. To request use of the conference bridge the Telecom Coordinator submits an electronic request. Using the chairperson's name or extension, request a "change" and provide the chairperson's name, e-mail address, name of the meeting, total number of ports needed, date or dates needed, and time period requested.