Getting Started Guide for iPad

1. How do I initiate getting an iPad?

Each department has a designated Telecom Coordinator who acts as the point of contact between their department and the Telecom Admin office.

Purchases of iPads are not processed through the Telecom Admin office. These types of devices can be procured through the Patriot Tech store or by using any other authorized method of procurement.

Data plans for iPads may be obtained either through the Telecom Admin office, using the iPad Data Plan request form, or through the use of the departmental P-card. 

2.  What providers are available for my iPad?

The iPad comes with either AT&T or Verizon Wireless service embedded in the technology. You cannot switch the technology of the device.  Please see the FAQ concerning iPads.

Plan details can be found as follows:

  • AT&T
    • Unlimited domestic data for $37.99
  • Verizon Wireless offers two unlimited domestic data plans for ipads. 
    • For 3G devices, the cost is $35.36 per month. 
    • For 4G devices, the cost is $42.61 per month.

3.  What about accessories for my device?

Accessories can be purchased by using any authorized method of procurement (P-card, purchase requisition).  Some accessories are available through Patriot Tech.

4.  I already have my own cell phone.  Are discounts available to University employees?

Discounts are available to employees for AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless.

Further information can be obtained as follows: