Please find the list of frequently asked questions to Telecom Admin. After reviewing these questions and answers, if you still have questions, please contact us at 3-3546.

Questions about Billing

What do I need to do in order to change the org number for certain phone numbers?
Answer: Submit a Pinnacle electronic "change" request for the affected number/s.   If the org change is to an org code that is not under your area of responsibility, then you as the current Telecom Coordinator and the Telecom Coordinator responsible for the new org code must sign and submit a fund/org change request form, found here.

What is meant by MRC and OCC?
Answer: MRC stands for Monthly Recurring Charges and usually does not vary from month to month. It reflects charges for telephone, mobile, and voice mail services. OCC stands for Other Charges and Credits. An entry in this category could represent labor charges for the installation of a computer, the cost of equipment replacement, or a credit for phone calls, as a few examples.

How do I access the monthly telecom bills?
Answer: Only authorized users, for the most part, Telecom Coordinators and budget personnel, have the ability to access the online bill.  The user's NET ID and Mesa password are used to access the system.

Questions about Cellular Phones and Devices (iPad)

I am going to be traveling internationally. What are my options for placing calls to other countries while traveling internationally, or calling back to my university office from overseas?
Answer: A faculty or staff member who uses a wireless communication device when traveling internationally for Mason business should seek approval for international coverage from his/her Supervisor and then request data and/or a text plan from his/her wireless communication provider for the duration of the trip. The costs for the international service should then be included on the Travel Reimbursement Voucher and the appropriate monthly statement(s) should be attached.  Please note that many plans now include international coverage at no additional cost.

If I am away from the university, and need to call back to the office or my department, can I make a collect call to the university?
Answer: No, all university telephone numbers have been programmed to block collect calls. Please see Administrative Policy 2204 for more details.

I use my personal cell phone for university business. How can I request a stipend?
Answer: Eligibility for a wireless communication device stipend is determined by each unit based on budget availability and on a position-by-position basis. Please refer to the Stipend for Business Use of Wireless Communication Device Policy and contact your supervisor for additional instruction.

I use my iPad (or other wireless device) for university business. How can I request a stipend?
Answer: Stipends are not available for iPads, however most cell phones can be used as hotspots for devices like iPads. You should request a stipend for business use of wireless communication devices to cover any additional cost associated with cell phone data usage or ‘hotspot’ enabling. Individuals should be mindful of the cost associated with data plans charged to their department while also receiving a stipend for a personal wireless communication device. 

Questions about Conference Bridge

What are my options for using a conference bridge?
Answer: There are two options for a conference bridge. You can utilize the services of VITA (Virginia Information Technology Agency), or you can use the self-service conference bridge offered by George Mason. More information on both of these options is available on the Faculty & Staff page.

Questions about Telephone Service

I sit in an area with several other phones. They all sound the same when they ring. Can I change the ring on my phone so it is different from the other phones in my office?
Answer: Contact Telecom Admin at 993-3546 to change the ring type of your phone.

I am unable to place a long distance call from my phone.
Answer: It is possible your phone set is blocked from placing long distance calls. Contact your Telecom Coordinator to verify the calling capability of your phone set.  If the calling capability needs to be changed, your Telecom Coordinator needs to submit an electronic Pinnacle "change" request asking that the class of service be changed for that extension.

Questions about Voice Mail

I share an extension and have my own voice mailbox, but the indicator light doesn't work. What do I do?
Answer: Message waiting indicator lights will NEVER come on for those who share an extension. We recommend that those users check their voice mail at least once each day.

My phone rings too many times before the call goes to voice mail. How do I change the number of rings on my phone?
Answer: Contact your Telecom Coordinator and he/she can request a change to your ring count. There are three options: 5 rings, 4 rings and 2 rings.

I'm a new employee at George Mason University and I cannot access my voice mail. What do I do?
Answer: Contact your Telecom Coordinator and have him/her submit a request via our online system.

How do I forward my phone to voice mail?
Single line set: To Activate -- Lift handset, dial *02, hear regular dial tone. Dial 5-digit extension where calls will be sent, hang up. To Cancel -- Lift handset, dial *03, hear regular dialtone, hang up.

Multi-line set: To Activate -- Without lifting the handset, press Forward key (indicator flashes) and dial the 5-digit phone number where calls will be sent. Press Forward key again (indicator becomes steady). To Cancel -- Without lifting the handset, press Forward key (indicator goes off). To Reactivate -- To forward to the number that was previously programmed, press Forward key twice (indicator becomes steady).

How can I get my indicator light to work? I don't share an extension.
Answer: Have your Telecom Coordinator submit an incident ticket through Pinnacle with your name and telephone number Your indicator will be reset, and a test message will be sent into your mailbox to reactivate it.

How do I get the date and time to play on my messages?
Answer: For time stamp information on one message, press seven two and the system will play the envelope information, giving date and time of call, recorded name of user or mailbox number (if name has not been recorded). To have the date and time feature enabled for all messages, have your Telecom Coordinator input a voice mail request via our online system.

I share an extension with a co-worker and I cannot access my voice mail. The prompt says I am entering the wrong security code.
Answer: After pressing your message key or dialing extension 3-7900 from your office phone, you will receive a prompt to enter the mailbox number. You must enter your individual seven digit mailbox number and then press #. This number usually starts with 100xxxx or 101xxxx. Then, enter your password followed by #.

I recorded an out-of-office greeting and now I can't remove it. What do I do?
Answer: Access your voice mailbox. If you recorded a temporary greeting, the system will tell you that a temporary greeting is being used.  Press 8 2 3 and, when prompted, press 7 6 to delete it.

Where can I find out more information regarding Mason's voice mail system?
Answer: Go to http://telecomadmin.gmu.edu/facstaff/voicemail.cfm

My department needs to send out a university-wide voice mail message. What are the guidelines?
Answer: The preferred method for university-wide announcements is through e-mail. Contact the ITS Support Center at 703-993-8870 to have an announcement sent to all university e-mail accounts. A voice mail broadcast or bulletin will be approved only in life or death situations, unless the broadcast or bulletin is for the residential student population. In this case, e-mail your request to Denise Taylor, the Executive Director of Housing and Residence Life, and provide the script for the broadcast or bulletin. If approved, the Director will forward the script to Telecom Administration and the broadcast or bulletin will be sent out.